At Dorrity Law Office, we know that the general attitude toward bikers is unfair. As accident attorneys, we know that just because an accident victim was riding a motorcycle, he or she is not necessarily at fault.

The simple truth is that motorcycles and motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable to sever injury in crashes that any other vehicle. In fact, 49% of motorcycle crash fatalities involve collisions with another vehicle. Even with proper safety gear (helmet, leathers, footwear), a motorcycle crash can lead to serious and lasting injuries. Pair that with the fact that often, motorists fail to see cyclists when making turns or changing lanes and you have a recipe for catastrophe. Recent reports put motorcyclists as 26 times more likely to die in an accident than other motorists per mile driven.

You may believe that as a biker and motorcycle accident victim, you have fewer rights on the road than other motorists. This is not true. Our attorneys will fight to hold negligent drivers accountable when their inattention or reckless driving endangers the lives of bikers.





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