People use millions of products every year with the expectation that they are reasonably safe — or that they will at least receive warnings of the known dangers. When a business sells, designs, manufactures or fails to warn consumers about defective products, it can be held financially liable for injuries caused by those products.

At Dorrity Law Offices, we have been fighting for the rights of those injured or killed in New Jersey for over 40 years. From our Jersey City office, our father and daughter legal team handles only a limited number of cases every year so that we can give our complete attention to every case that we handle.

Fighting for People in Product Liability Cases

Any risk that can be avoided when manufacturing or designing a product that will be sold to consumers should be avoided. Anytime businesses fail to take reasonable precautions to protect the safety of you or your family, they should be liable. Our firm is capable of aggressively fighting for your rights in product liability cases related to the following:

  • Automobiles
  • Household products
  • Work related tools and products
  • Recreational products
  • Dangerous goods and product failures

Our firm will work tirelessly to help you pursue the monetary damages you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, permanent disabilities, pain and suffering, and out of pocket expenses.

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